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Skyway to Asia

William S. Grooch June 1936,  Longmans, Green & Company

Grooch’s first hand account of the first voyage of the S.S.  North Haven

Pacific Pioneers:  The Rest of the Story 1935 – 1945

Jon Krupnick 2000  Pictorial History Publishing Company

Wonderful large book filled with original sources, photos and stories

Pan American’s Ocean Clippers

Barry Taylor: 1991 TAB AERO, McGraw-Hill

Complete guide to the Clippers from the S-40 to the B-314

The Pan Am Clipper

Roy Allen:  2000  Barnes & Noble

Great coffee table book.  General information with many personal anecdotes. Not too technical

An American Saga – Juan Trippe and His Pan AM Empire

Robert Daily: 1990 Random House

Excellent details on the events on the Pacific Atolls when the S.S. North Haven was elsewhere.  Fills gaps left in Grooch’s account  

Wings to the Orient

Stan Cohen: 1985 Pictorial History Publishing Company

Great coffee table book.  More detailed information with charts and graphs.

Flying the Oceans – A Pilot’s Story of Pan Am

Horace Brock: 

1978 J Aronson Inc.

Tales of the early pacific flights on the M-130s and B-314s

North to the Orient

Anne Morrow Lindbergh: 1935 Hardcourt, Brace & Co

Anne’s account of the Lindbergh’s exploratory flight to the Orient for Pan Am. 

Riding the Reef

Voortmeyer & Nickisher:  2005 Paladar Press

Diary of a man who worked on Peale Island, Wake Archipelago to build Pan Am’s China Clipper base as told by this daughter. 

Pan Am – an Airline and its Aircraft

R.E.G. Davies Illustrated by Mike Machat

1987 Paladar Press

Lot’s of line drawings, technical specs and fascinating facts about the Clippers

Secret Missions

Ellis M. Zacharias:

1946 Blue Jacket Books

Humble autobiography of the top US Naval Counter Intelligence Officer. Zacharias describes his pre WW II hunt for Japanese Spies on the West Coast, in Washington DC and in Hawaii.

The Man Who Watched the Rising Sun:  The Story of Admiral Ellis M. Zacharias

Maria Wilhelm: 

1967 Ginger / Watts

A less humble version of Zachariais’ many success and occasional failures. 

China Clipper

Ronald W. Jackson: 

1980 Everest House

Details and speculations about Japanese espionage and sabotage directed at Pan Am between 1935 – 1945

The China Clipper, Pan American Airways and Popular Culture,

 Larry Weirather

2006 McFarland & Company, Incorporated Publishers

Larry Weirather's excellent book about the cultural impact of the China Clipper is a great read. If you're a Clipper enthusiast or interested in popular culture you will enjoy this thoroughly researched book.





































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