A Nick Grant Adventure

by Jamie Dodson

Nick's Shanghai, China, 1936


Click  to watch an out take from the 1987 Steven Spielberg movie

 EMPIRE of the SUN

filmed in Shanghai


 The Meeting Place of East and West

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Japanese Naval Infantry occupying part of Shanghai, 1936 4th USMC Regiment, Shanghai "China Marines" 1936
Japanese Naval Infantry Takes Garden Bridge Garden Bridge from Public Garden in Shanghai.
Nanking Road, Shanghai Shanghai River Front

Map Courtesy of Willy Thomas -

An American in China 1936 - 1939

The Shanghai Post Office in the 1930s, Soochow Creek in the foreground. Note the sign on the clock tower

Photo Courtesy of Gregory Crouch

Soochow Creek with Shanghai-Rowing-Club

Nanking Road, looking east toward the Bund and the Cathay Hotel (center)

Photo Courtesy of Willy Thomas from

 An American in China 1936 - 1939

Images Courtesy of Flicker unless otherwise credited

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