by Jamie F. Dodson

The People of Nick's world
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Anne Morrow Lindbergh in the Sirius William S. Grooch Danilo "Dano" Vucetich
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1st Mate Pedersen Wake Beachcombers Bill Mullahey
Leilani Doc Kenler

Crew of first China Clipper  Mail Flight (Martin-130, NC 14716) San Francisco to Honolulu, November 22d, 1935, Photo Courtesy of the Pan American Historical Foundation

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Colonel Clarence Young, Director,

Pan American Airways Pacific Division, 1933 -1945

Juan Terry Trippe

President and Founder

Pan Am, 1927 - 1968

Other photographs courtesy of Jon Krupnick.  Jon Krupnick's Website, like his book, it is filled with terrific information.


The Epic Struggle for the Pacific

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