Alameda, California - circa 1935

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Alameda Thematic Map, Circa 1935
Circa 1935: High altitude view of San Francisco, (top), Yerba Buena Island, (center) Alameda Airport, and Alameda Seaplane Harbor (lower left), and Oakland Ferry Terminal (lower right)

Alameda Airport, Alameda, California

 Courtesy of: 

Pacific Aerial Surveys / HJW GeoSpatial, Inc.

Alameda Seaplane Harbor Aerial View - 1935

Courtesy of

Pacific Aerial Surveys / HJW GeoSpatial, Inc.

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Alameda Airport, The City of Alameda, &

San Francisco Bay Seaplane Restricted Area No 1

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 Alameda Airport

Administrative Building  & Control Tower

Courtesy of William Larkins from,

San Francisco Bay Area Aviation
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Pan America Airways, Visitor Sign, circa 1935, Alameda Airport

Courtesy of Pan American Historical Society

Pan American Clipper (Sikorsky S-42A),

Pan American Lagoon,  Alameda, Airport

Photograph courtesy of 

William T. Larkins

Alameda Airport Hanger,

Courtesy of  William T. Larkins, 

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The Epic Struggle for the Pacific Airways

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